HEADstrong Philly Girls 2021

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
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2021 grads
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Coleen Bates
#8: Att, Mid
PA: Havertown
5'3" '21
130 A
Coachable, team player on and off the field, multi-sport athlete, determined to win  
Danielle Dodaro
#2: Att, Def
PA: Lower Gwynedd
5'7" '21
135 A
a hustle player, team player, multi-sport athlete, aggressive, and can play both ends of the field  
Haley Lawyer
#21: Att, Def, Draw
PA: Glenside
5'7" '21
145 A
multi-sport athlete- coachable- strong team player with great field vision- dedicated- motivated  
Jamie Kubach
#27: Goal
PA: Philadelphia
5'8" '21
I am a team player thats coachable and disciplined, I play mulitple sports, and I am a hard worker on and off the field.  
Julia McCann
#31: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Audubon
5'9" '21
150 A-
Coachable, team player, versatile, unselfish, and consistent. Multi-sport athlete. I bring height and speed to the game.  
Kayla Hillaert
#46: Mid, Def
PA: Quakertown
5'9" '21
125 B+
High IQ. Called on to play every position for starting HS team. Play all levels for Headstrong for summer. Quick learner and can easily adapt Coachable and aggressive.  
Lauren Stokes
#22: Mid, Def
PA: Drexel Hill
5'4" '21
130 A
Honors student, team player on and off the field, strong Lax IQ, respectful, coachable, good communicator, takes responsibility, self motivated, driven, hard worker.  
Lesha Karaba
#35: Att, Mid
PA: Philadelphia
5'4" '21
124 A-
Hi my name is Lesha Karaba. I am a very coachable and hard working player. I am determined to win and a multi-sport athlete.  
Lilly Alessandro
#6: Def
PA: Jenkintown
5'3" '21
115 A-
Extremely coachable, dependable, and a team player who is determined to win.  
Madison Hennelly
#9: Att, Draw
PA: Ivyland
5'6" '21
140 A
competitive, driven, passionate - works constantly to better her game and always ready to give 110%  
Maeve Leonzi
#5: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Allentown
5'3" '21
I am a very coachable player, connect well with my teammates on and off the field, my field vision is one of my strongest tools, I am a multi-sport athlete  
Sarah Brightcliffe
#7: Def
PA: Oreland
5'4" '21
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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