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Gahanna, Ohio
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Ally Wilson
#15: Mid, Def
OH: Canfield
5'6" '22
135 B+
I'm a dedicated athlete and played many sports, but I am very passionate about lacrosse. I bring intensity and leadership to the defensive end of the field.  
Anna Kloehn
Att, Mid
OH: Canton
5'4" '22
116 A-
Team player, coachable, supportive, and always seeking to improve.  
Audrey Allendorf
#109: Att
OH: Stow
5'4" '22
125 A-
I am a disciplined, determined, competitive and coachable athlete who strives for nothing less than success.  
Ava Shipley
#2: Def
GA: Canton
5'4" '22
125 A-
Team player, selfless, adaptable, aggressive, coachable, reliable, flexible, and a multi-sport athlete with a strong love for lacrosse.  
Catherine Davis
#17: Att, Draw
OH: Xenia
5'11" '22
142 A-
I am self-motivated, hardworking, and physically strong. As a multi-sport athlete, I am coachable and love to compete and be part of a team.  
Claire Withington
#343: Att
SC: Murrells Inlet
5'3" '22
108 A
Ella Duvdevani
#50: Att, Mid
AL: Birmingham
5'5" '22
113 A-
I'm coachable, hard working & I'm an aggressive player. I love the game of Lacrosse and want to be part of a college team so I can continue to develop.  
Ella Nejad
#43: Att, Draw
OH: Rocky River
5'9" '22
148 A+
I am disciplined, coachable, a great team player and have a strong lax IQ. I am the first one on the field and the last one to leave.  
Elle Mader
#336: Att
OH: Cincinnati
5'8" '22
125 A+
I am a coachable, focused, quick, and aggressive player who is always eager to play. Versatile, a team player, adaptable, motivated, and always happy to learn new things.  
Emily Wilson
#48: Att, Mid
OH: Canfield
5'10" '22
135 A-
Current Junior Attack/Middie from Canfield, Ohio. Plays for MFL club team.  
Emma Townsend
#1: Mid
OH: Pickerington
5'5" '22
115 B
Super competitive but caring and always a team player. I put in the work and listen to the coaches to become a better player.  
Hallie Moody
Att, Mid, Draw
SC: Pawleys Island
5'5" '22
Coachable, playmaker, leader/captain, hardworking, motivated, and has a strong Lax IQ.  
Kendall Barker
Mid, Def
OH: Gahanna
5'2" '22
110 A+
Left handed, fast, coachable, aggressive, agile athlete  
Kenzie Adams
#30: Att, Mid
OH: North Canton
5'6" '22
125 A-
Very energetic, coachable, and tenacious - A disciplined and aggressive double sport athlete - team player with strong lax IQ  
Kiera Armitage
#342: Mid, Def, Draw
SC: Awendaw
5'8" '22
135 A
I work hard every day to be the best student, teammate and player I can be. I'm aggressive going for the ground ball or going to the goal.  
Lily-Ann LaComb
#185: Def
OH: Canfield
5'5" '22
120 A+
I am a energetic, coachable, dedicated multi-sport athlete and student. Natural leader, made captain my junior year. I am an aggressive defender and defense wins championships!  
Mikaela Barbieri
GA: Cumming
5'5" '22
150 A
Coachable, unselfish team player with high lax IQ and feeding vision- positive thinker, competitive mentality, multi-sport and scholar athlete.  
Molly Forgach
#25: Def
OH: Toledo
5'3" '22
130 A-
Coachable on and off the field. Multi sport athletes that is driven and determined in whatever she puts her mind to.  
Skyla Stockard
GA: Roswell
5'4" '22
140 A-
Leader on and off the fields , multiple interests, team player  
Sophia Bluso
#72: Mid
OH: Hudson
5'6" '22
125 B
Sydney Rullan
#1: Def
GA: Marietta
5'8" '22
143 B
Coachable, dedicated, high Lax IQ, energetic, team player, aggressive , positive attitude, team player, open minded, passionate, disciplined  
Tori Bates
#335: Goal
MI: Ada
5'8" '23
Passionate, disciplined, defensive leader committed to constant improvement. Commute 5 hours to train with MFL. AP student, Starting high school varsity goalie. 3 year volunteer with special needs children.  
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