True Maryland 2022/2023 Girls

Lombard, Illinois
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2022-2023 grads
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Alyssa Brooks
PA: Fawn Grove
5'6" '23
130 B
Dedicated, determined, and a team player.  
Anna Bien
#18: Att, Mid, Draw
MD: Hampstead
5'4" '22
120 A-
Leader on and off the field, strong lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, very coachable and can play anywhere on the field.  
Annika Stotler
#32: Def
MD: Forest Hill
5'2" '22
108 A-
I am a dedicated lax player with the intent of being a team leader and being a good teammate on and off the field.  
Brooke Lucky
#121: Att
MD: Darlington
5'2" '21
140 B+
I am a very coachable, aggressive player. I have a strong knowledge of the game and I leave it all on the field!  
Emma Haynes
#12: Mid, Def
MD: Bel Air
5'0" '23
115 A+
I am a team player and always try my best. I do my best to fix corrections and make improvements.  
Hannah Smith
#97: Mid, Def
MD: Fallston
5'6" '23
130 A
team player, coachable, multi-sport athlete, strong Lax IQ, dedicated, and hardworking  
Hayley DiPangrazio
Att, Mid
MD: Bel Air
5'2" '22
98 B-
Multi-sport athlete, team player, coachable, hard working and dedicated.  
Isabella Southard
#9: Att, Mid, Def
MD: Jarrettsville
5'6" '23
125 A+
Coachable, dedicated to the team, likes learning new things, passion, multi-sport athlete (field hockey and lacrosse), smart, caring, love of the game!  
Julia Elliott
#2: Att, Mid
MD: Whiteford
5'3" '22
105 A+
Coachable; intelligent, works hard, team player  
Madison Partridge
#11: Mid, Def
MD: Darlington
5'7" '22
120 A+
Disciplined, Coachable, team player and is a multi-sport athlete with strong lacrosse IQ  
Skylee Adams
#16: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
MD: Baltimore
5'8" '23
130 A
Coachable, disciplined and relentless multi-sport athlete. Unselfish team player with passion and a strong Lax IQ.  
Sydney Fowler
#8: Att
PA: Stewartstown
5'4" '22
145 A-
Extreamly Coachable, Strong lax IQ, Determined, Leader, Multisport athlete, Motivated, Hungry for ground balls, Top scorer and leader with assists last club season.  
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