True Pittsburgh Girls 2022 State

Lombard, Illinois
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Abby Shearer
#12: Mid, Def
PA: Latrobe
5'6" '22
142 A+
I am a multi-sport athlete who is a motivated, coachable, and a strong team player with discipline. I want to continue to develop my skills and lacrosse IQ.  
Alajane Leeman
#27: Mid, Def
PA: Moon Twp
5'6" '22
132 A-
Coachable, determined, disciplined and aggressive team player with a strong Lax IQ.  
Ella Seebacher
#15: Att, Mid
PA: Pittsburgh
5'3" '22
130 A-
Coachable, Team player, Love for the sport  
Emily Todd
#16: Def
PA: Cranberry Township
5'8" '22
130 A
Team player, good attitude and positive influence on the team, strong defender, good range and speed, very focused on academics.  
Hannah Acquafondata
#1: Att, Mid, Def
PA: Allison Park
5'6" '22
115 A-
I love working together with my team to make and set up amazing plays. I’m also very versatile on all positions on the field.  
Kellen Fletcher
Att, Mid
PA: Valencia
4'5" '22
123 A-
Coachable Aggressive Determined Multi-Sport athlete  
Lydia Toparli
#17: Mid, Draw
PA: Gibsonia
5'9" '22
140 A
Passionate, hard working, team player, good feeder, good ball carrier  
Mackenzie Newman
PA: Pittsburgh
5'0" '22
120 B+
Coachable , high IQ on the defense side, aggressive, and very determined to win and succeed.  
Payton Riddle
#14: Att
PA: Cranberry Township
5'5" '22
150 A+
Coachable and excited to learn, team player with strong lax IQ, strong, unafraid of physicality, driven, multi sport athlete, aggressive, communicates on field.  
Sarah Bollinger
#5: Mid, Def
PA: Beaver Falls
5'9" '22
160 A+
team player with a love for the game and a strong knowledge able to play multiple sports and positions always eager to learn and try new things  
Sarah Cyphers
#75: Mid
PA: Cranberry Township
5'3" '22
120 B+
Solid athlete, good two way midfielder, covers opposition well, team player, fast in transition, good feeder & great Lax IQ. A versatile player you want on your team! Instagram sarahcyphers2022  
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