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Hana Yang

2022 | NJ: Glen Ridge
Recruit Profile
Coachable, communicative, team player with strong lacrosse IQ, hardworking, motivated, and aggressive

I started playing lacrosse at the end of 2nd grade beginning of 3rd. I was and still am one of the main people on both club and school lacrosse teams to take the draw. I train both on and off season 6 out of 7 days of the week whether it be weight training, speed and agility, clinics, or regular practice. Freshman year I was on the JV team, but was later pulled up to Varsity for states. Later as a sophomore I earned myself a spot on the Varsity team however there was no season due to Covid. Now as a Junior I have maintained my spot on Varsity. I have accurate shots and communicate loud and clear on the field. I try to utilize my teammates strengths and stay aware on where they are on the field. Now I am currently taking AP Physics l and I am on High Honor Roll.

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Beth Larkin

Apr 1, 2021

Hana has risen to a high level player through her amazing work ethic and focus. She is an all-around player who really could be put anywhere on the field and excel. She continues to hone her craft and paired with her gutsy athleticism, she is an asset to any team. The ultimate teammate who strives to be the best not just for herself but for her coaches and teammates.

Dwayne Wilkins

Mar 31, 2021

Hana is a determined, fundamentally sound lax athlete. She is a deligent and relentless player who really understands concepts and has the ability to play in space.

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