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Denville, New Jersey
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2022-2023 grads
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Briana Fernandez
#42: Mid, Def
NY: New York City
5'4" '22
130 A
I love learning new things about myself and when i learned i loved lacrosse i stuck with it. Every day is a new experience.  
Giuliana Urban
#39: Def
NJ: River Vale
5'5" '22
135 A-
I am a respectful well-rounded student, coachable, responsible on and off the field, strong lacrosse IQ, multi-sport athlete, aggressive defensive player, constantly looking to challenge my teammates and myself.  
Hana Yang
#47: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
NJ: Glen Ridge
5'3" '22
122 A+
Coachable, communicative, team player with strong lacrosse IQ, hardworking, motivated, and aggressive  
Isabella Iorii
#0: Goal
NJ: Ridgewood
5'3" '22
130 A-
Iorii is an extremely dedicated goalie with the drive to always improve her game. She's an Honor Roll student with a 3.97 GPA.  
Julia Rizzolo
#41: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Randolph
5'4" '23
Play defense at a high level. Great work ethic and positive attitude. Love the sport! Aggressive and consistent in every game. Coachable and team player  
Katharine Cottone
#61: Mid
NJ: Little Falls
5'3" '23
105 A
I am passionate about the game. I love my team mates and have grown both as a player and a person. I am excited to continue my high school path.  
Laney Oostdyk
#53: Att, Mid
NJ: Oak Ridge
5'3" '23
120 B+
Harder worker, plan ahead, disciplined, multi sport athlete, coach able, team player, like to learn new things  
Lauren Gillies
#12: Att
NJ: Oradell
5'7" '22
130 A
Coachable, multi-sport athlete with strong field vision. Fast with strong change of direction. Consistent threat to score & assist. Team player with great stick handling and dodging abilities.  
Lauren Paprocki
#17: Def
NJ: Berkeley Heights
5'7" '22
140 A+
Relentless and determined multi-sport athlete ready to take the next step and play at a collegiate level Also a quick learner and well-rounded student  
Lucia Ferriso
#9: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Morristown
5'3" '23
105 A-
Coachable, great attitude, always smiling, great fundamentals and understanding of the game and positioning. Multi sport athlete  
Madelyn Haug
NJ: Newton
5'8" '23
150 A
Team player, coachable, disciplined multi sport athlete, adaptable, hardworking.  
Mary Looes
#2: Mid, Def
NJ: Hillsdale
5'6" '22
130 A
I am vocal, a strong leader, a team player, coachable, and an aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Mary Manzo
#4: Att, Def
NJ: Westfield
5'1" '23
90 B+
Fast, team player, aggressive. Coachable player who puts team first. Multi-sport athlete who has a strong game sense.  
Nina Nile
#88: Goal
NJ: Randolph
5'7" '22
160 A
Coachable, team player, strong Lax IQ, determined, disciplined, leader on and off the field.  
Paige Manning
#11: Att
NJ: Glen Rock
5'6" '22
130 A+
Dedicated year round lacrosse player. Extremely coachable. Complete team player. Very high Lax IQ. Very strong stick skills in left and right hand.  
Rachel Barattucci
#53: Def
NJ: Scotch Plains
5'4" '22
120 A+
Dedicated team player, coachable, quick learner, listens to feedback to improve game, multi-sport athlete  
Sabrina Hirsch
#7: Mid, Def
NJ: Hillsdale
5'9" '22
135 A+
Intelligent, quick multi-sport athlete. Strong student with excellent time management skills.  
Saige Troiano
#36: Def
NJ: Randolph
5'5" '23
Eager, skilled, team player, passionate and always willing to continue to learn and grow.  
Sienna Ayes
#25: Mid, Draw
NJ: Short Hills
5'6" '23
125 A
I’m a go-getter that goes and gets it! I’m a multi-sport athlete that strives for the best I can be all around.  
Sydney Klepper
#8: Att
NJ: Ramsey
5'6" '22
130 A+
Dedicated multi sport varsity athlete who is coachable and a strong team player. I have great awareness on the field and am always hustling.  
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