Michael Christiansen

2018 | NJ: Ledgewood
4.6K |

Don Green

Jun 30, 2015

Michael is a very solid technical defenseman with great feet. He is emerging to become a high level player with tremendous upside. He is fast and can handle the ball making him a threat in the transitions game. Michael is also dedicated and hardworking.

Sean Cope

Jun 11, 2015

Michael is a natural leader, even as a freshman Michael lead is team on the defensive end of the field and always pushed his fellow teammates to get better. His 1v1 defense is great and his clearing is very smart but aggressive when needed.

Chris Blough

Jun 10, 2015

Michael is going to be an excellent defenseman. He already possesses very good 1v1 skills and is gaining confidence and ability as an off-ball defender. He worked his way up to being our 4th pole on man-down as a freshman and will start at close defense next year.

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