GRIT Austin 2022

Dallas, Texas
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2022 grads
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Abby Moran
#3: Att, Mid, Draw
TX: Austin
5'7" '22
130 A-
Team player with strong lax IQ, coachable, leader- hard worker, determined, and committed athlete, and student.  
Ellen Gernert
#12: Goal
TX: Austin
5'8" '22
125 A
Positive and respectful attitude. Very strong leadership skills. Creates great relationships with ALL players and coaches. Fast and loves leaving the crease to play defense. Strong athlete who loves to play the game!  
Lauren Deardorf
#13: Att
TX: The Hills
5'2" '22
106 A+
I believe that I am a strong team player who is extremely coachable, dedicated, and focused on and off the field.  
Lucy Tyo
#22: Att, Mid
TX: Driftwood
5'7" '22
138 B
I am a coach-able team player. I am a focused but have fun on the field. I love the game!  
Olivia Jensen
#1: Att, Mid, Draw
TX: Austin
5'9" '22
130 A+
Smart and athletic midfielder with excellent field vision. Exceptional dodger with strong control in both hands. Skilled player in transition and adept passer. Team leader who exemplifies hard work.  
Sadie Stevens
#37: Mid, Draw
TX: Austin
5'8" '22
130 A+
A determined, competitive multi-sport athlete with a passion to succeed. She is always the first in line, very coachable and disciplined, along with an eager to learn.  
Sally Whitehead
#7: Def
TX: Austin
5'5" '22
125 B+
Coachable, hardworking, leader with drive and a strong lax IQ.  
Sheridan Dorsey
#2: Mid, Def, Draw
TX: Austin
5'7" '22
128 A+
Very hard-working and dedicated player with a strong knowledge of the game. Leader in both lacrosse and band that is always committed to the success of my team.  
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