Mad Dog Cali Girls 2019-2020

Manasquan, New Jersey
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Class of 2019-2020 West Coast / CA womens players on elite travel team.
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Cierra Healy
Att, Mid, Def, Draw
CA: Carlsbad
5'6" '20
120 A
leader, determined, coachable, aggressive, versatile, creative, precise, team player  
Hayden Johnson
CA: La Jolla
5'3" '20
120 B+
Fast, coachable, very athletic lacrosse player with a passion for the game. I have a strong drive to achieve anything!  
Jazmin Brooks
Att, Mid, Def, Draw
CA: San Diego
5'10" '21
135 A
Great running speed and footwork. Very quick and agile. Passionate about the game. Outstanding student and multi-varsity sport athlete. All League, MVP, Tournament Honors in basketball and lacrosse  
Leslie Gutierrez
CA: San Diego
5'2" '20
119 B
Athletic, coachable, cooperative, positive, determined, communicative, loud, team player, quick, sprinter, positive  
Marielle Mallari
Att, Mid, Def, Draw
CA: San Diego
5'3" '20
120 A
Best stick-skills in 2020 San Diego. Coachable. Versatile. Efficient leader in offense/defense. Strong lax IQ. Club starter since middle school. Varsity letterman since freshman season.  
Royce Epperson
#17: Att, Mid
CA: La Jolla
5'5" '20
110 A-
Tenacious, aggressive on field, team player & positive sportsmanship, coachable, good eye/hand coordination, passionate about sport  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
Academic GPA ie A student, B student, etc...
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