Mad Dog National 2022

Manasquan, New Jersey
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Class of 2022 West Coast / CA players on elite travel team.
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Aaron Siebold
Def, Faceoff, LSM
CA: Sherman Oaks
5'11" '22
180 A+
I am willing to play anywhere needed and will work for what I want. Very determined and coachable.  
Aidan Smith
Mid, Faceoff
TX: Cypress
6'2" '22
205 A-
Multi-sport athlete committed to developing my skills and leadership on and off the field.  
Alec Straw
#56: Def
WA: Sammamish
6'0" '22
195 A+
Strong lax IQ, aggressive defender that can push transition, state champ and varsity starter as freshman.  
Braden Poon
#79: Mid, Faceoff
CA: Los Angeles
5'10" '23
185 A
Athletic, explosive, physical, versatile, fast, strong Lax IQ, and coachable team player.  
Brian Straw
#57: Def, LSM
WA: Sammamish
6'1" '22
185 A+
Hardworking, team player with high Lax IQ. Disciplined and coachable.  
Cole Rogers
#99: Mid
WA: Woodinville
6'0" '22
180 A-
Aggressive dodging midfielder, shoots with both hands and a force on defense & in transition and is a tough, hardworking, coachable, team leader.  
Coleman Kraske
#68: Faceoff
NC: Raleigh
6'0" '22
205 B+
Team player, disciplined, determined and aggressive, but most importantly a family guy who views team as family.  
Drew Anderson
#31: Att, Mid
CA: Los Alamitos
5'10" '22
160 A-
Coachable, hard working team player with strong lacrosse IQ and a tenacious work ethic.  
Drew Tyson
#76: Goal
CA: Santa Ana
5'10" '22
180 A+
Quick reflexes, team leader, strong Lax IQ. I've grown up in the sport and have a passion for it.  
Finn O'Malley
#33: Def
WA: Bellingham
6'0" '22
190 A
Coachable, Leader, High Lax IQ  
Harrison Trikas
#80: Goal
CA: San Juan Capistrano
5'10" '22
162 A
I am a coachable player and I work hard in whatever I do. I listen and am a good teammate .  
Jack McCarren
#15: Mid
NJ: Rumson
6'3" '22
190 A-
I can play anywhere on the field. I am coachable and always looking to get better. I am a multi-sport student athlete.  
Jack Wynperle
#34: Def, LSM
CA: Pacific Palisades
6'3" '23
178 A+
Shutdown defender that can cause the turnover and quickly transition to offense; two-way football player; fast; disciplined and hard working  
Jon King
#22: Att, Mid
UT: Draper
6'0" '22
160 A-
Coachable, team player always looking for one more pass, disciplined, multi-sport athlete  
Julian Jenkins
#6: Def, LSM
CA: Long Beach
6'2" '22
200 A-
Very coachable defender with solid footwork and strength and has been playing lacrosse for over 10 years. He is a hard worker and very competitive with everything he does.  
Logan Angel
#91: LSM
CA: Rancho Santa Margarita
6'0" '22
170 B
I’m willing to do anything for my team. I’m a multi sport athlete who loves the game and loves to be coached.  
Logan Ip
#78: Att, Mid
CA: Newport Coast
5'10" '22
165 A+
Coachable, team player, hard working, determined, athletic  
Lucas Newton
#32: Att, Mid
CA: Corona Del Mar
6'1" '22
200 A+
Strong Lax IQ with advanced stick skills and great field vision. An unselfish and coachable physical athlete who is impactful on both ends of the field.  
Matt Carresi
#12: Mid, Def
CA: Los Alamitos
5'11" '22
156 B
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ. Disciplined and determined athlete.  
Nicolas Ursino
#24: Mid
WA: Sammamish
5'11" '22
195 A-
Competitor. Hard worker and leader dedicated to team success. Athletic, strong, high IQ, and able to make plays in the biggest moments. Multi-sport athlete.  
Robert Pendergist
#44: Mid
NJ: Brielle
6'0" '22
185 C
Team player, multi-sport athlete, high lacrosse IQ, and hard working.  
Thomas Vandenberg
#54: Mid
UT: Park City
6'1" '22
190 A
Highly athletic physically imposing two-way midfielder with a strong lacrosse IQ. Sprinter level speed with creative dodging and field awareness  
Ty Caffarelli
#35: Att
CA: Newport Beach
5'8" '22
180 A-
Determined crease attack that utilizes both hands effectively. Aggressive, physical play with a quick release and strong, accurate shot. Vision to direct, create & finish a play.  
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Maverik Showtime 2nd Session
Jun 22-24 '22
NJ: Tinton Falls
IL Recruiting Invitational July
Jul 11-13 '22
MD: Baltimore
Naptown National Challenge
Jun 27-29 '22
MD: Annapolis
Crab Feast
Jun 25-26 '22
MD: Bel Air
Great 8 Invitational
Jun 18-19 '22
CT: Greenwich
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