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Adam Budzik
#12: Def, LSM
OH: Columbus
6'3" '23
195 A
My name is Adam Budzik. I am a 2023 defenseman from Columbus, Ohio and I play at St. Charles Preparatory High School. I also play club lacrosse for the Haymakers program. This past summer and fall seasons I attended the USlax Top 100 showcase and the Midwest Elite Top 80 Showcase where I made the all star teams for both events.  
Aidan Bee
#6: Def, LSM
OH: Westerville
6'0" '23
162 B+
I will be the hardest working player on the team. I am coachable with a team centered mentality. I understand complex defenses, and exhibit strong leadership.  
Aidan Dyer
#27: Def, LSM
OH: Miamisburg
5'11" '23
195 A+
Team player, great listener, multi sport athlete, strong lax IQ, hard worker, never afraid to do whats necessary, and coachable.  
Alex Haughn
#11: Def, LSM
OH: Powell
6'5" '23
189 A-
Very coachable player with a high lax IQ, strong communication skills, a leader on and off the field, and I am able to use my height to my advantage.  
Ben Walter
#15: Def, LSM
OH: Beavercreek
6'3" '23
165 B+
Team player, disciplined, coachable, willing to do what it takes for the team.  
Chaz Cole
Att, Mid
OH: Cincinnati
6'0" '24
Multi-sport athlete, very aggressive, very fast, extreme Lax IQ, loves to challenge himself, team leader, vocal team player on and off the field, coachable and willing to learn new things.  
Collin Howard
#23: Att, Mid, Faceoff
OH: Columbus
6'2" '23
225 B-
Very coachable, team player, and determined  
Cooper Heald
#8: Att
OH: Delaware
5'9" '23
180 A+
Unselfish and very coachable player with good field vision and high level Lacrosse IQ. Dedicated to improving myself as a student and athlete.  
Devin Flynn
#22: Def, LSM
OH: Beavercreek
5'11" '23
205 A
Im a multi sport athlete. I Play football, basketball and lacrosse. I am a team player and motivate my teammates. Im coachable, not afraid to slide body, ready to play  
Dustin Shattan
#56: Def, LSM
VA: Manassas
6'0" '23
170 A-
Fast, aggressive, versatile team player ready to help wherever needed. Multi-sport athlete and an Eagle Scout.  
Ethan Kim
#88: Goal
OH: Columbus
5'9" '23
170 A-
Hardest worker on/off the field. 2-sport athlete constantly looking to improve and very coachable. Playstyle: strong fundamentals and poised, but absolutely raw when necessary  
Jack Kehrer
#26: Mid
OH: Powell
5'7" '23
142 B+
Jack Morrison
#7: Mid, Faceoff
OH: Lewis Center
5'8" '23
155 A+
A versatile player that is coachable and willing to push myself - also great in school.  
Kaison Russell
#3: Att, Mid
OH: Sunbury
5'6" '23
122 A
Team Player, coachable, passionate, determined, focused and self motivated. I have played Attack, Middie, D-pole, and willing to play any position that would best support my team.  
Leyton Sayre
#102: Def, LSM
OH: Westerville
5'10" '23
185 A-
Coachable, team player, no one will outwork me on or off the field. High Energy and a leader.  
Mason Levin
#33: Def
OH: Mason
5'11" '23
160 A
Aggressive, Hardworking, Determined player with a strong Lax IQ  
Patrick Slagle
#14: Def, LSM
KY: Villa Hills
5'10" '23
150 A
I am very coachable, am a good team player with strong lacrosse IQ. I am a multi sport athlete who is disciplined and determined to grow myself and skills.  
Preston Mullett
#29: Goal
OH: Powell
6'2" '23
187 B
I am a two sport athlete at olentangy Liberty Highschool  
Sawyer Brisson
#155: Mid
OH: Lewis Center
6'3" '23
I am a very coachable player and a very easy teammate to get along with  
Shannon Mcaffry-Davidson
#9: Def, LSM
OH: Cincinnati
5'11" '23
185 B
I put the ball onto the ground and push transition well. I am coachable and love to help out in the community.  
Tristen Davis
#99: Mid, Faceoff
OH: Cincinnati
5'11" '23
185 B+
Very explosive, fast, quick twitched, and determined to win the ground ball. I am coachable and can change easily according to the game plan along with the ability to play.  
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Trilogy 24
Jul 7-8 '22
King Of Queens Boys
Jun 25-26 '22
OH: Lebanon
Liberty National Elite Classic
Jul 16-17 '22
DE: New Castle
NXT Can-Am Invitational
Nov 7 '21
IN: Westfield
Trilogy Midwest Prime Tournament
Jun 11-12 '22
The Clash In Canton Boys
Jun 18-19 '22
OH: Canton
NXT Can-Am Showcase
Nov 6 '21
IN: Westfield
Indy Laxtoberfest Boys
Oct 16-17 '21
IN: Westfield
Naptown National Challenge
Jun 27-29 '22
MD: Annapolis
Trilogy Midwest Prime Showcase
Jun 10 '22
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