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Jack Scalia

2017 | VA: Mc Lean
Recruit Profile
I am a hard worker who is willing to learn in order to be the best that I can be.


Matthew Marriott

Jan 29, 2015

Jack is an extremely athletic and talented LSM/D. He is a shutdown defenseman that will out work the opposition at every opportunity. He is fearless on groundballs and is a threat to push transition with the ball in his stick. Unlimited potential!

Dave Mitchell

Nov 18, 2014

Jack is an exceptional CloseDefenseman/LSM and an even better human being. His athleticism (above-average speed,agility,power) makes him a lock-down on-ball defender while his high IQ and stick-skills make him an off-ball nightmare for opponents. His greatest attributes, however, are his killer-instinct, his love for the game, and his leadership-potential.

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