Jenna Gerlach

2024 | NY: West Nyack
3.6K |

For a full evaluation of Jenna's field play, athleticism and academics, please contact Sue Montegari, Mad Dog North NJ Recruiting Director at smontegari@maddoglax.com

Lex Haarmann

Jun 25, 2021

Jenna is an extremely athletic and hardworking midfielder. Her quick first step makes her a threat to goal and allows her to be a shutdown defender. She is an aggressive driver with great vision often creating for her teammates. Jenna is strong taking the draw and on the circle. Her high lax iq and team first attitude makes her an asset to any team. Jenna’s drive and dedication make her an ideal player for the next level.

Carly Cappello

Mar 30, 2021

As a coach Jenna is a player every team can utilize. Jenna is driven, coachable and a team player. As a midfielder she is an asset on both ends of the field. Her speed is undeniable, with her ability to change direction and speed quickly it makes her a threat not only the attacking end, but on defense as well being able to read when to slide to help or put pressure on the opposing players. Once she steps onto the field there is a different type of energy and spark that arrives! Jenna is an amazing athlete to work with and watch grow over the years.

Matt Galati

Mar 30, 2021

I had the opportunity to coach Jenna for several years in youth lacrosse. She is the kind of kid that makes coaching youth sports worth it! Her competitive spirit, tenacious drive and coachability compliment her tremendous athleticism. She is ferocious on the field but will also be the first to compliment and help a teammate or opponent. Jenna has always wanted to improve, asking what she could work on and how to see the field. It has been a pleasure to see how far she has come and how much she has improved her lacrosse IQ, again to compliment her athleticism. I am excited to see where Jenna goes from here!

Sue Montegari

Mar 8, 2021

Jenna, driven multi-sport athlete who is coachable and hardworking. She drives strong to goal with a quick first step, great defensive position with quick slides and strong double teams. She is a true two way midfielder who is an asset in all zones. She is alwaysa joy to work with!

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