LI Jester Girls LC 2022 Pink

Massapequa, New York
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Amy Ugolini
#16: Att, Mid, Draw
NY: New Hyde Park
5'8" '22
140 A-
Self-disciplined, well-rounded, coachable and determined athlete with a strong work ethic, great stick skills, a high lacrosse iq, a positive attitude and a strong sense of team play.  
Ashlee Sjoholm
#22: Att, Def
NY: East Meadow
5'4" '22
114 A+
Coachable, quick and determined learner, hard worker, team player, high lacrosse IQ, good stick skills, quick feet on the field, multi-sport athlete, funny, caring, kind, friend and strong family.  
Cassidy Schnaufer
NY: Williston Park
5'3" '22
135 A-
Im Cassidy Schnaufer Im a Junior at high School NY. I played varsity lacrosse as a freshman. I play for the jesters. I am also a Hockey goalie.  
Delia Tarasco
#13: Att, Mid
NY: Seaford
5'3" '22
110 A-
Determined, coachable team player with a strong Lacrosse IQ. I'm comfortable dodging, cutting, and believe communication is key. Although I'm a multi-sport athlete, lacrosse holds my heart.  
Emily Pomerico
#4: Att, Mid
NY: Baldwin
5'6" '22
120 A
Very hard worker, aggressive, coachable, and a hustler. Plays multiple sports and has been on the honor roll all quarters in high school.  
Jennifer LeRoy
#9: Att, Mid, Def
NY: Wantagh
5'5" '22
134 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined, aggressive and plays any positions where needed  
Julia Nowak
#27: Att, Mid, Draw
NY: Holtsville
5'11" '22
150 A+
Hard worker who likes to listen and learn on and off the field, multi sport honor roll student athlete, coachable team player  
Justina Paccione
#66: Att
NY: Medford
5'5" '22
113 A-
coachable ,takes corrections well,multi sport athlete , energetic , motivated strong player  
Kaci Bates
#12: Att, Mid, Def
NY: West Babylon
5'5" '22
125 A-
Coachable aggressive athlete works hard for the team. Listens very well. A team player for the most part but I do like to make a statement for myself as well.  
Kayla Stuparich
#25: Def
NY: Freeport
5'7" '22
145 A+
Determined, able to take constructive criticism, won't let any mistake bring me down, or let them affect my performance during games or practices, aggressive, committed, coachable, and a team player.  
Kiersten Schmidt
#26: Mid, Def, Faceoff
NY: South Setauket
5'9" '22
140 A
I am a versatile and very coachable multi-sport athlete. I play both Defense and Midfield for my high school and club teams, as well as Face-offs.  
Lindsay Solenski
#31: Mid, Draw
NY: East Meadow
5'4" '22
130 A-
I am an ultra competitive, team player who strives to get better every day. I'm a 3 Sport (LAX, Basketball and Volleyball) Athlete, who is very coachable.  
Lindsey Wettstein
#23: Goal
NY: South Hempstead
5'2" '22
Extremely coachable, fast hands, supportive of teammates no matter what the score, always willing to step up, sports mindfulness trained to let hand eye coordination take over. 2021 AU Futures  
Mackenzie Ferdon
#40: Goal
NY: Stony Brook
5'4" '22
very competitive, committed, and determined team player.  
Meghan Korzevinski
#15: Mid
NY: New Hyde Park
5'8" '22
130 B+
Team player with strong LAX IQ. Extremely coachable. Multi-sport athlete.  
Pietra Cabral
#17: Att, Mid, Draw
NY: Mineola
5'2" '22
I am a team player. Im determined and I can also be aggressive on the field. Its not always about the win, but how you play on the field. Always110%  
Quinn Murphy
#77: Def
NY: Lindenhurst
5'6" '22
Player with a great sense of the field- aggressive, attentive, persistent, and positive. A loud voice on the field who is always willful and ready to work hard.  
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Champions Cup
Jun 18-20 '21
LAX For the Cure Summer (Jersey)
Jun 25-27 '21
NJ: New Egpyt
The Grind
Jul 9-11 '21
The Surge
Jul 16-18 '21
Live Love Lax Tournament
Jun 12-13 '21
MD: Bel Air
The Und1sputed Showcase Girls
Jun 28 '21
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