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Issaquah, Washington
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Brody Burrell
BC: Surrey
6'2" '23
185 A
I'm committed to the process, constantly looking for ways to improve my technique. I'm unfazed, cool under pressure, focused on winning and relentless.  
Bryson Chinn
WA: Kirkland
5'9" '22
145 B+
I am a righty attackmen with very good field vision and lax IQ. I am very hardworking, coachable, and excited to get better when I am on the field.  
Caleb Warme
#27: Att, Mid
WA: Bellevue
5'10" '22
165 A+
Coachable, hardworking, versatile player with strong Lax-IQ. Also, a team player who is determined, aggressive and a multi sport athlete with great vision and awareness.  
Chad Holdridge
#32: LSM
WA: Shoreline
6'0" '22
180 A-
I'm a hardworking and quick learning independent thinker with a constant drive for Improvement. I'm easily coachable and determined to excel in any aspect of the game or life.  
Chase Radomski
WA: Snohomish
6'0" '22
205 A
Love to play at the next level, to improve myself and my team, love to lead. Strive for greatness on and off the feild. Strong background in science.  
Clay Almgren
#0: Att, Mid
WA: Seattle
6'1" '22
170 A
Love the game, strong IQ, great field vision, unselfish, scrappy and always looking to get better.  
Colten Hajicek
#40: Mid, Draw
WA: Redmond
6'2" '22
180 A-
Hard working, aggressive midfielder willing to take on any challenge to help my team be successful. If I'm not be better than you, I will work harder than you.  
Dylan Ochs
#21: Mid
WA: Sammamish
6'0" '22
200 A-
I'm coachable, versatile, work hard and have a team-first attitude. I'm a crunch-time player that can perform under pressure and put my teammates in position to make big plays.  
Emmanuel Flores
#79: Def
WA: Snohomish
6'0" '22
187 B-
Disciplined, Passionate, Aggressive, Coachable, Team Player/Team First Mentality, strong Lax IQ strategy/vision, Multi-Sport Athlete, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Perseverance, Thrive in/out of Pressure, Strong Work Ethic, Confidence, Hungry for more, Humble  
Ian Cote
#60: Goal
WA: Lake Stevens
5'8" '22
175 A
Varsity Starter since freshman year, Varsity Captain as a sophomore. Hard working and dedicated goalie that knows the game having played it since Kindergarten. Athletic, solid stick skills.  
Jackson Kennedy
#65: Mid
WA: Monroe
5'10" '22
160 B+
I am a coachable, passionate, and hard working player. I am a strong shooter with both hands, good dodger, good defender and have a strong IQ  
Jackson Simon
#23: Mid
WA: Bellevue
5'10" '22
165 A
Strong Lax IQ, athletic 2-way middie who can contribute many ways, team first attitude, and fundamental player. Loves to compete.  
Jacob Eitzen
#14: Def, LSM
WA: Bonney Lake
5'9" '22
165 A-
Very coachable, multi sport athlete, good teammate, composed  
Jasper Svenson
#66: Faceoff
WA: Bellevue
6'1" '22
180 A
Easy to coach and a great teammate. Determined to become the best version of myself.  
Kaleb Borg
#9: Def, LSM
BC: White Rock
5'11" '23
185 A-
2023 Varsity LSM who is very coachable, confident, a great team mate who will help you win games.  
Kanyan Rhodes
#33: Mid, Faceoff
WA: Stanwood
5'7" '22
151 A-
SNG trained FOGO. Over 80 games played in Summer/Fall/Winter 20/21. Explosive 1st step, fast hands, Hard working good student (3.54gpa) focused, Hi Lax IQ. Goal: Business Degree and Lacrosse  
Landon Johnson
#42: Def
WA: Medina
5'9" '22
180 A-
I'm competitive, a leader, and have the drive to be the best I can be. I always put the team first. Very physical on ball and a loud communicator offall.  
Luca Scoccolo
#99: Att, Mid
WA: Lake Tapps
5'10" '22
145 A-
Team player, very coachable, hard worker, good off-hand, aggressive, decent lax IQ  
Marcus Ball
WA: Sammamish
5'10" '22
193 A-
Very competitive, athletic, multi-sport athlete, eagle scout, disciplined, coachable, committed, aggressive, hard working, self-reliant.  
Matthew Eitzen
#39: Mid
WA: Bonney Lake
5'9" '22
177 A-
A multi sport athlete who has a passion for the game, a sense of determination, a team first mentality and an outstanding work ethic.  
Payne Roberts
#48: Def, LSM
WA: Burien
6'3" '22
210 A-
I am a very coachable and hardworking player. I am determined to get better everytime I step on the field. I love to compete. 3 sport athlete.  
Quinn Krammer
Att, Mid
WA: Redmond
6'1" '22
170 A+
Bright, hard working coachable student of the game focused, committed and multi-sport athlete.  
Rider Wilkinson
#45: Att, Mid
WA: Snohomish
6'4" '22
195 B+
My greatest strength is seeing the field, what is happening next, what my opponent plans on doing, setting my teammates up for success. Multi sport player learning from multiple coaches.  
Ryan Garcia
#16: Mid
WA: Sedro Woolley
5'10" '22
182 A-
Physically strong, athleticism, speed, execute plays with either hand, team player, high lax IQ  
Sean Quigley
#23: Att
WA: Bellevue
5'10" '22
175 A+
Varsity Captain, team motivator - I elevate myself and my teammates. Heads up dodger - confident finisher and feeder; decisive play maker; coachable; disciplined - will do whatever it takes  
Tyler Hill
#54: Def
WA: Sammamish
6'3" '22
220 A-
Disciplined multi-sport athlete who is well respected by coaches and teammates for work ethic and drive to continually challenge myself to be better.  
W. Zachary “Zach” Roper
#5: Mid
WA: Woodinville
5'8" '23
175 B+
I'm Short but I play a big, I'm very quick and fast, but I'm a very dependable player and person  
Wiley Bryant
#43: Mid
WA: Bellevue
5'11" '22
190 A-
2020 Inside Lacrosse I.D. Experience Highlights . I play the game sideline to sideline and endline to endline. My defense, speed, hard shot and transition creates possession and goal opportunities.  
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Long Island Summer Showdown
Jul 13-14 '21
NY: Islip
West Coast Showdown
Jul 24-25 '21
CA: Santa Cruz
NXT Philly Summer Invitational
Jul 10-11 '21
PA: Downingtown
Naptown National Challenge
Jun 28-30 '21
MD: Annapolis
Crab Feast
Jun 26-27 '21
MD: Bel Air
National All Star Games
Jul 9-11 '21
MD: Columbia
Platinum Cup
Jul 6-7 '21
DE: Frederica
Oregon Lacrosse Classic Boys
Jul 16-18 '21
OR: Bend
Adrenaline Black Card
Jul 8 '21
DE: Frederica
America's Finest Rivalry Boys
Jun 18-19 '22
CA: Temecula
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