GRIT Houston 2021

Dallas, Texas
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Ally Heard
#5: Att, Mid
TX: Houston
5'8" '21
125 B+
I am very determined to learn something new every time I walk on the field, I love encouraging my teammates, and I am a very competitive player  
An Poropat
#12: Def, Draw
TX: Cypress
5'6" '21
165 A
Very coachable, team player. Physical defender, that has developed above average Midfielder and Attacker skills. Strong on draw.  
Bryanne Harner
#2: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
TX: Friendswood
5'11" '21
150 A+
Coachable, dominant left hand, hardworking in the classroom and on the field, strong transition D, team player, strong Lax IQ, and determined multi-sport athlete.  
Bryce Wilson
Att, Def, Draw
GA: Acworth
5'10" '21
165 A-
Natural leadership, very coachable, listens and makes adjustments. Great field sense, strong work ethic during practice and games. Determined to accomplish goals on/off field.  
Caroline Paul
#14: Att, Mid
TX: Houston
5'2" '21
Hard-working, dedicated and coachable. Currently playing varsity lacrosse and soccer for high school along with club programs for both.  
Catherine Theut (Army West Point Commit)
#55: Goal
TX: Kingwood
5'4" '21
145 A-
Hardworker, coachable, strong communicator.  
Gwen Rippeto
#20: Att
TX: Houston
5'10" '21
185 A
Coachable, team player, aggressive low attacker with a high lax IQ, and has also played varsity basketball since freshman year.  
Izzy Ehrlich
#25: Att, Mid, Draw
TX: Missouri City
5'7" '21
135 B
Extremely coachable, excellent ball control, ability to be open, strong and accurate shot, great feeder, master of ground balls and aggressive re-defender, and I love my teammates.  
Kate Vlasek
#24: Mid
TX: Houston
5'3" '21
117 B-
Fast on the field, strong team player, and does not quit. 3-sport athlete; agile, versatile and willing to learn.  
Katina Christensen (Committed, Dartmouth Admissions Process)
#4: Mid, Def
TX: Houston
5'8" '21
130 A+
Fast, strong, versatile multi-sport athlete comfortable attacking or defending. Tireless work ethic on the field and in the classroom. Coachable player with a strong lax IQ.  
Keeley Moore
#11: Att, Mid, Draw
TX: Houston
5'8" '21
140 A-
Extremely coachable, eager learner in the classroom and on the field, true competitor, always hard working, good field sense, and strong 1v1.  
Lindsey Guel
#22: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
TX: Houston
5'4" '21
125 A-
I am a mutli-sport athlete who is coachable, hard working and a team player determined and committed to always giving my best on and off the field.  
Lindsey Price
#17: Att, Mid
TX: Houston
5'6" '21
132 A-
Coachable, multi-sport athlete, and team player with strong Lacrosse IQ.  
Mackenzie Kulick
#54: Def
TX: The Woodlands
5'5" '21
130 A+
Fluid with both Hands, Coachable, Defensive leader, Strong lax IQ, Very disciplined, Love to Implement what I have learned by Coaching 3rd and 4th grade girls Lax'ers  
Olivia Lee
#13: Mid, Def
TX: Bellaire
5'6" '21
130 A+
Coachable, strong Lax IQ, aggressive defender -dedicated to my teams and work hard to always continue to improve skills and strength, very strong academics and well-liked by my teammates  
Rylan Whitcomb
#70: Def
TX: Houston
5'1" '21
120 A-
Rylan Whitcomb is a senior at Lamar High School. She plays Defense for Grit Houston. She is a four-sport athlete at the varsity level. Hardworking student and aggressive player.  
Sara Hiller (Colorado Mesa University)
#10: Att, Mid
TX: Katy
5'2" '21
130 A+
Dynamic team player with a High lacrosse IQ. Very coachable can play and shoot right and left handed. Strong defender. Hard worker on the field and in the class room.  
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