Nor'easter Lacrosse 2022 Hustle

New Haven, Connecticut
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Abigail LeBarron
#77: Def
CT: Southington
5'4" '22
Defensive leader, excellent field sense and lacrosse IQ, dependable team player.  
Alexis Sullivan
#73: Def
CT: Monroe
5'6" '22
130 A
coachable, multi-sport athlete, disciplined, experienced  
Alison MacDougall
#26: Goal
CT: Southbury
5'6" '22
Ali is very coachable, a great teammate, willing to play for days. She loves the sport and being in net. Ali is a natural lefty; strong technical goalie.  
Amanda Ogrodowicz
#89: Att, Mid, Draw
CT: Stratford
5'8" '22
154 A
I am a smart player when I'm on the field, always looking for an open person. I am a very coachable player and I'm a multi-sport athlete.  
Ashley Blackmore
#37: Att
CT: Avon
5'9" '22
137 A-
Committed to the development of myself and my team, encouraging of teamates, coachable, strong lax IQ, and positive.  
Caroline Pagliaro
#71: Def
CT: Trumbull
5'5" '22
140 A-
Freshman varsity starter, Honors and AP classes, Coachable, aggressive, hard-working, strong lax IQ, very talkative with a strong field vision, multi-sport athlete (Lacrosse, field hockey, track)  
Celidgh Pikul
#49: Att, Mid, Def
CT: Milford
5'5" '22
120 A
I am a two sport athlete, ice hockey and lacrosse. I started play hockey at 5 and lacrosse at 7. I excel at playing defense in both.  
Emily Mesham
#35: Att
CT: Old Lyme
5'2" '22
120 A-
Very coachable, hard worker, team player on and off the feild, very determined. Fluent with both left and right hands. Very enthusiastic.  
Emily Nolan
#56: Def
CT: Fairfield
5'7" '22
120 A+
Very hardworking, extremely coachable, multi-sport athlete, determined, aggressive and passionate about lacrosse.  
Grace Downing
#38: Def
CT: Cheshire
5'6" '22
145 A+
Strong vocal leadership, quick to learn and coachable, focused listener, self disciplined, multi sport athlete who is versitile to different positions.  
Hailey Arman
#41: Def
CT: Fairfield
5'4" '22
120 B+
Hard working, coachable, multi-sport athlete who is a strategic player and committed student. As a strong defensive player, I support my teammates through every practice and game.  
Haley Wines
#17: Mid, Draw
CT: Madison
5'4" '24
125 A+
Unselfish, head-up team player with high lax IQ. True student of the game. Draw specialist who is tenacious in getting possession between the 30s with smart positioning, one-handed grabs, interceptions.  
Isabella Bontatibus
#83: Mid, Def
CT: Weatogue
5'3" '22
102 A-
A coachable, hard-worker who has great speed and really is a strong teammate with a passion for the game.  
Kaitlin Flynn
#98: Att, Mid
CT: Ledyard
5'7" '23
134 B+
High Lax IQ, Extremely coachable, team player, and multi-sport athlete  
Kaitlyn Coppola
#72: Att
CT: Trumbull
5'2" '22
135 B+
Coachable, team-builder, leader on and off the field, hard-working, aggressive but unselfish on the field, always willing to learn.  
Katie Nolan
#57: Att
CT: Fairfield
5'8" '22
120 A
Coachable, determined, multi-sport athlete, disciplined, hardworking, positive attitude and passionate about lacrosse.  
Kennedy Carr
#20: Goal
CT: Fairfield
5'8" '22
135 A+
Coachable and aggressive, calm under pressure, good communication and field sense, quick reflexes, team player and multi-sport athlete  
Lauren Bogaert
#82: Att, Mid, Def
CT: North Haven
5'7" '22
145 A-
team player, good listener, responsible, field sense, has a good ride down the field, experience in every position, willing to learn new things, determined, aggressive when needed  
Lauren Cretella
#66: Goal
CT: Wallingford
5'5" '22
125 A-
Strong Lax IQ with over 8 years experience. Aggressive goalie who enjoys playing outside the crease. Multi-sport athlete  
Meg Tarpey
#74: Def
CT: Newtown
5'7" '22
127 B+
Aggressive, coachable, team player, a lot of lacrosse experience!!! I help coach young lacrosse players, and can play other positions  
Meghan Brennan
#84: Mid
CT: Southbury
5'9" '22
Multi sport athlete, competitive, supportive team player  
Reese Hjertaas
#59: Att, Mid
AB: Leduc
5'5" '22
110 B+
coachable, strong Lax IQ; competitive; driven; goal oriented; leader and team player on and off the field  
Sydney Widlitz
#60: Goal
CT: Guilford
5'4" '22
135 A
Willing to challenge myself, coachable, able to address weaknesses and work to improve on them; strong communication skills with both offense and defense, supportive teammate, dedicated.  
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NXT Continental Cup
Jun 25-26 '22
PA: Conshohocken
Champions Cup
Jun 17-19 '22
MD: Boyds
Top Threat Championship
Jul 8-10 '22
Elite 180 Girls Recruiting Camp
Jun 22-23 '22
MidAtlantic Summer Club Championships
Jul 15-17 '22
MD: Owings Mills
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