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Addie Donalson
#92: Goal
PA: Pittsburgh
5'4" '22
Very vocal during play, team player who brings enthusiasm to every game, coachable and eager to learn, and confident.  
Caitlyn Schultz
#84: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Bethel Park
5'7" '22
140 A+
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ and field, mental & situational awareness - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Claire Klimkowski
#3: Mid, Def
OH: Cincinnati
5'7" '22
110 A-
I love to compete, I love to be part of a team and I am very coachable. I also play Varsity soccer, basketball and lacrosse for my high school.  
Ella Stewart
#78: Att, Mid, Def
PA: Bethel Park
5'6" '22
FAST. FAST. FAST. Threads the needle. LEFTY with very good use of both hands. Very strong on ball. Focused on continually improving. Lettered as Freshman. Assist leader in invitational.  
Kara Spritzky
#31: Att
OH: Cincinnati
5'0" '22
115 A-
I am very coachable and will do anything asked of me. I am a dedicated and aggressive athlete, with high Lax-IQ. Voted Second-Team All Conference, and Second-Team All Greater Cincinnati.  
Karson Martin
#20: Mid, Def
PA: Venetia
5'7" '22
132 A+
Competitive and aggressive team player with a passion to win; Multi- sport athlete  
Lizzie Hardy
#72: Mid
PA: Gibsonia
5'2" '22
I'm a fast, aggressive, and coachable team player with a good field vision and strong body defense. I hustle for ground balls. I am a multi-sport athlete.  
Marina Prock
#17: Mid
PA: North Huntington
5'6" '22
Coachable, always ready to learn, and determined to play.  
McKenzie Walsh
#53: Goal
OH: Dayton
5'6" '22
152 A
I am coachable, determined, a multi-sport athlete, hardworking, dedicated, and I love the sport. I want to improve as a player and person and I am an academic weapon.  
Morgan Wise
#58: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Pittsburgh
5'3" '22
125 A
I am very coachable, eager to learn, and a great teammate. I have great perseverance and in every situation, and I have determination to succeed with a strong, positive attitude.  
Raveena Navalgund
#29: Def
PA: Irwin
5'2" '22
Friendly team player, very coachable with a strong Lax IQ, highly academically driven, aware of the field and surroundings, a strong leader who listens, open - minded, hard working  
Sofia Polito
#55: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Washington
5'8" '22
130 A+
Coachable, team player with leadership qualities, hardworking in the classroom and on the field, and an aggressive multi sport athlete, varsity lacrosse and varsity soccer starters and strong lax IQ.  
Tori Krapp
#87: Mid, Draw
PA: Bethel Park
5'8" '22
135 A
Coachable, team player, strong Lax IQ, sees the field well, determined  
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Presidents Cup
Nov 19-21 '21
TX: Dallas
LAX For The Cure Fall Showcase (NJ)
Nov 13-14 '21
NJ: New Egypt
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