Shore 2023 Blue

Morristown, New Jersey
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Women's 2023 grad year players on elite travel teams.
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Alex Popham
#15: Mid, Draw
NJ: Rumson
5'7" '23
150 A-
Smart, athletic, fast, strong, coachable, extremely aggressive and uses soccer and basketball IQ to read situations on field quickly and accurately. Uses D to create scoring opps. on A.  
Alexandra Evans
#8: Mid, Def, Draw
NJ: Manasquan
5'9" '23
125 A
Very coachable, good lax IQ, 3 sport athlete, very aggressive and hustle everytime the ball is in motion around her.  
Alyssa Ruggiero
#30: Att, Mid
NJ: Oceanport
5'2" '23
115 A
Hard working, double sport athlete who loves the game- determined, team player, and aggressive.  
Calli Dunn
#7: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Barnegat
6'0" '23
140 A+
Tall, fast, and athletic multi-sport athlete - 2 way Midfielder with great Lax IQ at both ends of the field. Coachable, unselfish, and strong stick skills with either hand.  
Deirdre Jones
#11: Att, Mid
NJ: Manahawkin
5'2" '23
110 A+
Tenacious midfield/attack player with 9 years experience. A team-player with leadership qualities on and off the field. A multi-sport athlete with a strong lefty shot, quick feet, and coachable. Lax-IQ  
DiMarco Alyssa
#9: Mid, Def
NJ: Old Bridge
5'5" '23
130 A+
Multi-sport athlete, high academic student, hardworker, coachable, team player, focused, and motivated.  
Elisabeth Braswell
#2: Def
NJ: Monroe Township
5'7" '23
125 A+
Team player, assertive, driven, play-maker, adept learner- passionate, considerate, multi-sport athlete  
Elizabeth Kelly
#10: Def
NJ: Little Silver
5'4" '23
155 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined, respectful, and aggressive. I'm a grit filled player that has a chip on their shoulder and plays with passion.  
Emma Bravo
#3: Def
NJ: Ocean
5'5" '23
135 A-
Coachable, athletic, tenacious player with a great field vision and a love of the game.  
Gianna Gray
#27: Goal
NJ: Toms River
5'9" '23
Determined; Dedicated; Coachable; Hardworking; Passionate; Reliable; Good Communication; Focused; Committed; Honor Student; Team Player  
Hannah Lewis
#20: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Bayville
5'11" '23
154 A+
A team player who shows discipline & determination in all I do. I am an coachable, aggressive multi-sport athlete who has a strong LAX IQ and good field vision.  
Jane Alto
#1: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Oakhurst
5'9" '23
125 A+
Very athletic, hard-working, and coachable multi-sport athlete. High game Lacrosse IQ on both offense and defense. Team player with excellent field vision who enjoys all facets of the game.  
Kelly Malone
#24: Def
NJ: Manasquan
5'7" '23
140 A+
Smart, coachable team player with strong lax IQ and lock down defensive skills. Hard working, and always looking to improve. Also always in shape as does two sports year round.  
Maddie Malfa
#23: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: West Long Branch
5'6" '23
145 A
Aggressive, determined, multi-sport athlete, strong stickwork with both hands  
Madison MacGillivray
#21: Mid, Def, Draw
NJ: Forked River
5'8" '23
145 A-
Coachable, team player with a good Lax IQ. I'm very determined, aggressive and competitive multi-sport athlete.  
Peyton McGuire
#26: Att, Mid
NJ: Little Silver
5'6" '23
135 A+
Natural speed, quick feet, aggressive, strong left, hard worker, team player. Strong IQ for the game and very coachable, disciplined and focused. High academic GPA 4.0 unweighted.  
Savia Singh
#77: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
NJ: Barnegat
5'6" '23
125 A-
I'm a team player, driven, coachable and take criticism and learn from it. I have the speed and endurance as well as strength and agility. I love this game.  
Taylor Hamarich
#13: Att
NJ: Brielle
5'5" '23
125 A+
I am a dedicated coachable player with strong skills and exceptional lacrosse IQ. My unselfish approach to the game ensures the success of my team!  
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Top Threat Championship
Jul 8-10 '22
Summer Genesis
Jun 18-19 '22
Trilogy Radar Invitational
Jun 25-26 '22
IL Women Committed Academy
Jun 27-28 '22
DE: Milford
NXT Philly Summer Showcase Girls
Jul 12 '22
PA: Downingtown
Live Love Lax Tournament
Jun 11-12 '22
MD: Edgewood
Platinum Games
Nov 6 '22
LAX For the Cure Summer (Jersey)
Jun 24-26 '22
NJ: New Egypt
Maryland Cup Summer Championships
Jul 16-17 '22
MD: Northeast
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